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2018 Memorial Day Parade

Thanks to the Marine Corps League Detachment 1335 Bellingham (Whatcom County) had a great Memorial Day Parade. 14 Gear Heads, and 1 returning club member, participated in the parade. We had a great time. Here’s some shots from a variety of folks cameras. Thanks all.

Thanks to those Gear Heads who shined and polished; Jack Bittner, Scott Calkins, Mike Caravagio, Randy Cross, Dick Denson, Pete Griffin, David Grove, Doc Holliday, Walt Johnson, Mike Lester, Pat Mains, Andy Ochoa, Dennis Ordello, Gomer Owens, Gary Wightman.

Sorry to Jack, Dennis and Gary but due to crowd people your cars didn't get into the parade photos. Just strangers heads where your car was supposed to be.

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